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Strokes of Cream
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Welcome to Style by Siwar Studio, where we redefine beauty through an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. Our sanctuary of elegance is devoted to delivering not only exceptional services and top-tier products, but also to crafting an ambiance of pure joy and tranquility.

Within our walls, you'll encounter more than just a salon – it's a realm of artistry and serenity. Our nurturing haven embraces diversity, cherishes innovation, and celebrates hard work, cultivating an environment where creativity thrives harmoniously alongside camaraderie.

Our mission goes beyond appearances; we aspire to elevate your inner and outer self, inspiring confidence and radiance that transcends the mirror. While we pamper and beautify, we equally prioritize the voices of our professionals, ensuring they're heard, respected, and valued, for they are the architects of your transformation.


Step into Style by Siwar Studio, where beauty becomes an exquisite symphony of service, indulgence, and empowerment.


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